Antenna Tendril

by Uwin

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RPM 2016


released March 1, 2016

Tyr Jami
Justin Guzzwell
3 & 7 ft. Ingibjorg Johnson



all rights reserved


Uwin Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Saphyre Shredz
Have you ever mistaken your will for power or smelt a daffodil
Cruisin' so hard, you forgot to breathe
Don’t over complicate
It’s once in a while, you riddle yourself and splash some silvry spell
Deepen your cause it’s not Santa Clause you just jump when it’s your turn
Saphyre shreds, count the smells
They’ll test you later, daffodil
Something’s up, your not sure
Taking a while before you go further
Track Name: Real Tide
Watch the cords that you cannot break until it's your turn
Love the gravel you baked on your feel, it was the true burn
Open the mirror, see the real eyes
Come with a reason, come without fear, cause it's your turn
Say it's already broken in two and we'll start fresh
Give all the grasses a watery gaze, now it's low tide
Track Name: Swordfish
Conscious shadow-giving entities beyond your circle of friends

They stand in the way or unbuckle their charms

Nothing more could be said, such a (ugly little) thread

Still more than you knew, not ever giving up what life gives.

But at last they passed and withdrew their lingering past.

It's all undone until it's rewound and situated below ground
Track Name: Albatross
Overhead the albatross tried to see it through
Panels cheered the second prize
Copper rings surround our eyes
So hold me tight, don't ring me dry

Wolf surrounds the ivory saddled on my knee
Say no souvenir remains, repeat my dream
Don't ring me dry

Floating in the read sea, fragments of my skin
Saw the apple of my eye spin around a rainbow web
Just hold me tight, don't ring me dry
Track Name: Preserved Reluctance
A circle was how they invited themselves in. Walking one by one, front to back, around and around, until finally the cliffside cracked, opening up into the chasm. The speed at which they fell entered them into an alternate universe, not without a small amount of pain and stretch marks. With the relativity of time once again lost, it seemed like years before they hit solid ground again, though "solid" was a generous description of the boggy marsh that surrounded them. What came next was crucial, but no one remembered how or when it happened. A simple nod of the head let everyone know that the path was still clear enough, but time was ticking. They set afoot into the marsh and disappeared amongst the branches covered in dripping moss and envelopes of preserved reluctance.
Track Name: Pepper Moon
All my stepping stones can't help slipping sideways
But fortune fell on time today
All my peppered moons wonder if it's all grey
Wrapped up in the sour grapes

Your hair is in your eyes
Your pulse is fading
With those winter chimes
And your closing curtains
Throw away your key

Transform your situation
Your stealing from yourself
Your hair is in your eyes
With your fading pulse
Track Name: Saltspring
There was a green murky membrane covering the beach
One or two feet from the water
I panned the green to a soundtrack of Sun Ra
She rolled around while I gathered the flattest stones I could find

I shared them with her to skip on the ocean
Together, returning them to the water
We took the same path back collecting blackberries
I thought we were stealing but she told me it was alright